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If You Want To Build Your Page On Instagram, And Use It As A Tool To Help You Build Your Clientele, You're Going To Have To Get More Engagement. And The Way To Get More Engagement, Is By Creating Shareable Content. The Problem With Most Barbers, Is They Only Share Content That Relates With Other Barbers. So The Only People That Care To Follow Their Page, Is Other Barbers. But Guess Who Ain't Coming To Get A Haircut? Barbers! And Then Barbers Wonder Why They Can't Seem To Get Any New Clients Using Instagram. So What's The Solution? To Create Content That Is Relateable To The Average Person! Regular People Could Careless About Barber Content! Regular People Want To Follow Pages That Share Relatable Content. Barbering Is Not Relateable For Most People. So Here's Some Everyday Ideas You Can Use To Start Posting More Relatable Content, And Increase The Engagement On Your Stories From Regular People.

Here's 23 Relateable Story Posts To Increase The Engagement On Your Stories!

1. When I'm Feeling Stressed The Hell Out, I Always (Listen To ____ / Watch ____ Or Go To @____ page!)

2. I Love Checking Out @____ Content! It Always (Makes Me Laugh/ Inspires Me/ Etc.)

3. The Most Entertaining Account I Follow Is @____. How About You? (Include A Questions Box.)

4. When I Need A Little Motivational On Instagram, I Always Go To These 3 Pages! (Tag 3 Pages)

5. My Favorite Meal Ever, Is ____ Which I Get From ____. What’s Yours? (Include A Questions Box)

6. My Favorite Instagram Account That Inspires Me Is @____! I'm On TikTok! And The Videos By @____ As Hilarious!

7. Just Want To Give A Shoutout To My Client @_ For Supporting Me Over My Career!

8. The Top 3 Brands Who I Admire Are @___, @___ and @___

9. When I Open Up YouTube, The 1st Channel I Go To Is The One By @____! Who Do You Love Watching On YouTube? (Include A Questions Box)

10. 3 Great Products To Use In Your Hair Are @___, @___ and @___

11. I Always Start My Day With ____. I Just Need It! What Do You Absolutely Need To Start Your Day? (Include A Questions Box)

12. So As Of Late, I’ve Been Listening To The @_ Podcast On Repeat! I Love It Because... What Podcast Do You Love? (Include A Questions Box)

13. What's Your Favorite Book Of All Time? (Include A Questions Box)

14. 5 Accounts You Should Follow If You’re Looking To (Laugh/ Feel Motivated/ Learn A Skill) (List 5 Pages)

15. The Most Random Thing I've Ever Bought From Amazon Was ____ What Was Yours? (Include A Questions Box)

16. When You Make A Mistake, How Do You Move On? (Include A Questions Box)

17. This Is Going To Be Interesting. Be Honest, How Long Can You Go Without Checking Your Phone? (Include A Poll. Example Under 10 Minutes Vs. Over An Hour)

18. If Gave You $1,000 Right Now, What Would You Spend It On? (Include A Questions Box)


19. Are You An Introvert, Extrovert? (Include A Poll)

20. What's The Absolute Worst Advice You've Ever Been Given? (Include A Questions Box)

21. 5 Random Facts You Might Not Know About Me. (List Them)

22. When I Was A Kid, I Wanted To Be A ____ When I Grew Up. What About You? (Include A Questions Box)

23. These Are The 3 Personal Qualities I Look For In People Who I Associate With (List Them) What Do You Look For? (Include A Questions Box)

*Feel Free To Copy & Paste, Or Screenshot And Save To Your Phone!

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