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You ready to be apart of a small group coaching with Marv? 

Let's do this!


** This is NOT for people who want quick fixes, and NOT for people who aren't willing to do the work.

This offer includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls for 3 months.

  • Weekly worksheets to track your progress.

  • Get access to all existing courses and classes, and upcoming online courses and classes for 1 year.

  • Pre-recorded training - “From 0 clients to fully booked. If I had to start from scratch with zeros clients, here’s exactly what I’d do to go from 0 to fully booked.” (This training alone will cover the cost of the offer!)

  • Support group where you’ll share wins, and post questions.

  • Opportunity to go LIVE with me!

  • BONUS: Have lunch with me at the CT Barber Expo!

You'll get all of this for just $1997! (I doubt I'll ever offer this at this price again.)

Apply ASAP if you're ready to start!

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