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This coaching offer includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls for 3 months.

  • Weekly worksheets to track your progress.

  • Get access to all existing courses and classes, and upcoming online courses and classes for 1 year.

  • Pre-recorded training - “From 0 clients to fully booked. If I had to start from scratch with zeros clients, here’s exactly what I’d do to go from 0 to fully booked.” (This training alone will cover the cost of the offer!)

  • Support group where you’ll share wins, and post questions.

  • Opportunity to go LIVE with me!

  • BONUS: Have lunch with me at the CT Barber Expo!

Fill Out The Form Below If You're Interested In The Payment Plan Option.

Would a payment plan of three monthly payments of $697 make it easier for you to join the small group coaching program?
What is the biggest challenge or obstacle preventing you from signing up for the program at the current price?
How important is it for you to receive personalized coaching and mentorship to advance your barbering career?
If I move forward with this payment plan option, how soon could you start?
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